Play fun and excited game: Bricks n Balls


Bricks n Balls is a great game which is widely played because of its stunning features and outstanding graphics. There are some requisite features which you must know before playing this wonderful game.

  • Size of balls varies

Buy the balls as the way as you like by the help of rubies. With rubies you are free to purchase the ball which you want for your game like you can select distinct sizes which varies from 14mm to 30mm and also the colour of the ball which you would like to take for your game. Moreover it depends on your style of playing which decides how much you can score your success. Bricks n Balls Cheats will help you what style of playing is best to score more points and to collect numerous currency for the entire game.

  • Shoot from smaller balls rather than larger balls

It is recommended to play from the small balls as it is quite easy to shoot these balls between the gaps rather than the large balls. Large balls will not bounce too long when compared with the small balls. Small balls will bounce as long as possible and it hit directly on the bricks which will provide you ultimate success for your gaming.

  • Role of power ups

Power ups are resources which will aid you to move further at your next levels but the only thing which makes you in trouble is that they are quite expensive and to purchase it from the real world money is not an appropriate idea. So try to use them at the time of need otherwise use rubies and stars for your game mode. As they are the best to achieve maximum rewards points which is used for further high levels.