Sweatcoins – digital currency for getting health


Sweatcoin is a digital currency which is mainly known as cryptocurrency. The Sweatcoins can be earned by walking or jogging. You will be able to earn Sweatcoins through installing an app in your smart phone. After downloading the app, the app will work in the background of the phone and it tracks your waling steps the whole day and rewards you some coins. These coins can be understood by one Sweatcoin means 1000 steps that you walk. You can reclaim the coin for gifts as health energy drinks, protein, magazines, music downloads, running shoes, digital watches, electronic items and so on. Nonetheless, you can also earn more coins and points by using Sweatcoin Cheats and have more things which you need.

What about when battery is about to die?

You need not to worry about when the battery of your phone is about to die. The app provides the users with battery saver mode. The app still works in the background and limits the battery consumption.

Level of the app and coins earned

There are free mover level and shaker membership level. With the help of free mover level you are able to earn 5 Sweatcoin cryptocurrency everyday. But you have to pay 5% conversion commission. Shaker level membership can be purchased by spending free and fresh coins. For having more Sweatcoins you have to update the app or by Sweatcoin Cheats.

What happens when you walk?

Whenever you step out of the house or go outside, Sweatcoin app counts your steps and convert them into digital currency called Sweatcoins. By spending sweatcoin you can earn goods, services as well as you can donate this currency to charity or exchange it with your near and dear ones. Also, you can spend them on whatever you fancy for. Thus, stay healthy and earn money.