What Makes The Episode – Choose Your Story Different?

What Makes The Episode – Choose Your Story Different?

An introduction

The games are introduced by several IT companies. The Episode Interactive launches a unique creation in form of a game. Name of the creation is Episode – Choose Your Story. It is developed by adding thousands of pre-written stories.

In the game, players can read them or become an important part of these stories by accessing them. You can become its part by playing the complete story on the behalf of main character. By it, you can feel that all things are happening with you in reality.

With it, the passes and gems are playing role as the two currencies. The gems are the premium currency and passes are the primary currency. The collection of both ones is not an easy task. It is completely based on the players’ efforts and in-app purchase offers also by using episode cheats.

Take decision wisely

While playing the game, players are required to make different types of decisions. All decisions are related to the progress of story. It will appear in front of you in form of questions. All questions having two options related to the situation.

Both options are the nearly possible activities or actions taken by the players. The answer which is given by the players is affecting the complete situation of the story. Mainly you can see a big difference between both options. You should choose the best one wisely.

Another thing for which you need to take decisions carefully is the currency. The major part of the game is depending on the level of resources available in your account and for what kind things you are spending it. These two things can completely change the game or its results.

Be the creator

Most of the players are enjoying the pre-defined stories and trying to get entertained by them. Some players are not interested in the existing ones. According to these individuals, these stories are not impressive or having proper elements.

If you are one of them then you should choose the option or feature of creating a story. By it, you can write own story which includes numerous things. There is a big benefit available to it. Your story is read or played by numerous players.

It means in case the story is written or designed in a proper way then the writer becomes famous. The players should utilize the opportunity and try to give their best performance. Before start creating a story, players need to select a genre from numerous ones those provided by the game.

Social feature

The game is including some interesting features by which the players are able to get details related to the profile of other players. With it, the players can know which of type of stories loved by that particular player.

In this way, players are able to play or read the same type of stories in the game. You can check out the profile of any player who is available around the world. By it, you can get a help in getting success in game easily.